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Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle

Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle

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Indulge in the delightful blend of tangy and sweet with our Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients and sweetened with jaggery, this homemade achaar offers a healthier alternative to processed sugar while delivering a burst of flavors. No Sugar added. 

Key Highlights:

  • Kid Friendly
  • Sizes Available: 200g, 350g, 500g
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • 100% Natural, No preservatives, No artificial colors
  • Sweetener: Jaggery for a healthier alternative to sugar

Health Benefits:

  • Rich in Vitamins A and C: Enhances immunity and supports eye health
  • Digestive Aid: Natural probiotics from fermentation improve gut health
  • Antioxidant Properties: Fights free radicals, promoting overall wellness
  • Anti-inflammatory: Mangoes help reduce inflammation and support heart health

Savor the perfect balance of flavors with our Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle, ideal for adding a nutritious and delicious touch to your meals.


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  • 100% Mom-Made

  • Sundried

  • PAN India

  • Traditional Taste

  • No Added Colors

  • Vegan

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Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle

I rarely find in the stores, so feel good after satisfying my taste buds with this lip smacking Khatta Meetha Mango Pickle.